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Chemical Technology Profile

Chemical Technology was established in 1993, and provide specialist adhesive solutions for industrial manufacturers. Their skilled personnel have over 80 years of experience in the formulation, manufacture and application of adhesives, this gives them an advantage when analysing your particular adhesive problem and formulating an adhesive solution.

Solvent Based Adhesives

The range of industries that use Solvent Based Adhesives and the types of substrates that are adhered with these types of adhesives are varied, from the shoe manufacturing industry to cool rooms made from styrene. Solvent based adhesives tend to be easily applied, either sprayed, brushed, or rolled and give good and in some cases instant bonds.

Applications for Solvent Based Adhesives

Polyurethane, PVC, TPR, flexible sponge rubber foam, polystyrene foam, galvanised iron, aluminium, wood, paper, cardboard, cork, felt, fabrics, leather, laminated plastics, formica, melamine, polyester, metals, neoprene rubber foams.


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Chemical Technologies Pty LTD are located in Melbourne, Thomastown, Victoria:

Chemical Technology Adhesive Manufacturers

Chemical Technology Pty Ltd

76-80 Lipton Drive, Thomastown 3074
Victoria, Australia

Fax: (613) 9460 5230