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4 Litre Adhesive cans
High Performance adhesives, glues, primers, sealants and solvents for Lampshades surfaces

  Lampshades surface Adhesives, Glues, Primers, Sealants and Solvents  
Professional Craft Adhesive
Art Craft Adhesive
Chem-I-Weld Bondtech CF30H

Bondtech CF30H Craft Adhesive was developed specially for the professional craft artists. It dries to a crystal clear film, has a high viscosity and solids to decrease penetration by highly absorbent materials and is very quick setting. This adhesive is widely used for the making of lampshades, millinery articles and the handcraft industry.
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Industries: Art and Craft, Lampshades, Millinery,
Surfaces: Artwork, Fabrics, Felt, Lampshades,
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