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High Performance adhesives, glues, primers, sealants and solvents for Portland cement surfaces

  Portland cement surface Adhesives, Glues, Primers, Sealants and Solvents  
Multipurpose Bonding Waterproofing Priming Agent
Cement Adhesive
Chem-I-Weld Bondtech A330

Bondtech A330 adhesive has been specifically developed for modification of Portland cement. It imparts excellent durability, abrasion resistance, improved flexural strength and excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals including oils, fats and greases. Bondtech A330 adhesive is a multipurpose bonding, waterproofing and priming agent for concrete, screeds, renders and cement based premixes to masonry surfaces.
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Industries: Construction and Building,
Surfaces: Concrete, Masonry, Portland cement, Renders, Screeds,
Tags: Chem-I-Weld, Concrete priming, Fat Resistant, Oil Resistant, Portland Cement,