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4 Litre Adhesive cans
High Performance adhesives, glues, primers, sealants and solvents for Shrink caps surfaces

  Shrink caps surface Adhesives, Glues, Primers, Sealants and Solvents  
Shrink or Bottle Cap Adhesives
PVC Glue
Chem-I-Weld Bondtech Solution A

Bondtech Solution A is a high quality adhesive primarily used to manufacture shrink caps or bottle caps. Solution A is suitable for bonding PVC shrink caps constructed from painted or unpainted foils.
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Industries: Manufacturing, Packaging,
Surfaces: PVC, Shrink caps,
Tags: Chem-I-Weld, Bottle cap adhesive, Plastic cap adhesive, Polyvinyl chloride adhesive, Shrink cap adhesive,