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4 Litre Adhesive cans
High Performance adhesives, glues, primers, sealants and solvents for Spray Booths surfaces

  Spray Booths surface Adhesives, Glues, Primers, Sealants and Solvents  
Sprayable Peelable Solvent Based Emulsion
Primer, Catalyst, Preparation
Chem-I-Weld Bondtech VS297

Bondtech VS297 is a sprayable solvent based material designed for temporary peelable applications. It may used as a protective film in manufacture and transportation of finished bench tops and as a strippable lining for spray booths. Easily removable by hand. Not suitable for exterior use.
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Industries: Furniture, Shop-Bar Fitting,
Surfaces: Spray Booths,
Tags: Chem-I-Weld, Mask, Masking, Adhesive primer, Adhesive Catalyst, Surface preparation,