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Polystyrene Foam Adhesive
Insulation Adhesive
Insul-Weld Bondtech A380

Bondtech A380 Adhesive is designed for bonding materials used in the insulation industry. These materials include the bonding of polystyrene foam; to zinc anneal galvanised iron, aluminium and wood. Bondtech A380 has a high degree of aggressive tack and is especially suitable for this type of bonding. Bondtech A380 has been designed to spray easily through low-pressure spray systems without producing excessive over-spray or cob webbing. When sprayed, it has quick initial tack and an extended tack range to facilitate production handling.
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Industries: Caravans Annexes, Carpentry Woodworking, Construction and Building, Insulation, Refrigeration,
Surfaces: Aluminium, Metals, Polystyrene foam, Wood,
 Polystyrene Foam Adhesive
 Insulation Adhesive
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