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Chem-I-Weld Bondtech B754 Clear

Bondtech B754 a multipurpose adhesive designed to spray easily through low pressure spray systems without producing excessive over-spray or cobwebbing. When sprayed it has quick initial tack and has an extended tack range to facilitate production handling. Bondtech B754 may be used for mounting photographs, printed materials, artwork, labeling, lining shelves with paper, cardboard, cork, felt, polystyrene foam, fabrics and many other household materials requiring only light bond strength. Bonds can be either permanent or temporary depending on application technique.
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Industries: Art and Craft, Caravans Annexes, Insulation, Picture Framing and Photography, Refrigeration, Schools,
Surfaces: Artwork, Cardboard, Cork, Fabrics, Felt, Labeling, Lining shelves with paper, Mounting photographs, Polystyrene foam, Printed materials,
 Polystyrene Foam Adhesive
 Fabric and Textile
 Art Craft Adhesive
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