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Clear Sprayable Contact Adhesive
Contact Adhesive
Chem-I-Weld Bondtech N127 Clear

Bondtech N127 is a sprayable contact adhesive with long open time. Strong permanent bonds can be obtained between the following materials; polyurethane foams, fabric, leather, fibreglass, rubber sheet and extrusions to each other, wood and metal. It is also suitable for the coach building and automotive industries as a multipurpose trim adhesive. Bondtech N127 has excellent bond strength and high heat resistance. Bondtech N127 exceeds the Australian Standard 2131 Heat resistance test with a heat resistance >120oC
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Industries: Automotive, Fabric and Textile, Polyurethane foam,
Surfaces: Fabrics, Fibreglass, Leather, Metals, Polyurethane Foam, Wood,
 Fabric and Textile
 Contact Adhesive
Tags: Chem-I-Weld, Bus Building, Coach Building, Permanent Adhesive, Sprayable Adhesive, Trim Adhesive,