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Chem-I-Weld Bondtech N166 Clear

Bondtech N166 is a good general-purpose neoprene adhesive with high heat resistance and good open time. N166 will remain flexible to -30oC and resists alkalis and nonoxidising acids and is not affected by ageing. When used correctly it has excellent adhesion and is particularly recommended for hard-to-adhere substrates such as leather, rubber to rubber, rubber to metal (when used with Bondtech Clear Activator), all types of fabrics, cork, wood, foam rubber and microcellular materials. Bondtech N166 can be used as a two component adhesive. By adding 3 to 6% of Bondtech Clear Activator the bonding strength and heat resistance is greatly improved. N166 combined with clear activator must be well mixed and applied the usual way. Pot-life of the mixture is 6 hours.
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