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2 Part Epoxy Adhesive
Turf-Weld X3303 2 Part Epoxy

X3303 is a two part epoxy adhesive. X3303 is specifically designed for use with all types of hard substrate. It can be used in areas subject to wet usage. It has excellent adhesion properties to all sound substrates used for internal wall construction. Suitable for new and renovation building projects as well as an adhesive for adhering most types of synthetic grass,timber with a superior curing rate.
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Industries: Artificial Grass, Carpentry Woodworking, Construction and Building,
Surfaces: Brick, Concrete, Hardboard, Synthetic Grass, Timber, Wood,
 Artificial Grass Adhesive
 Cement Adhesive
Tags: Turf-Weld, Internal wall construction, Renovation building projects, Synthetic grass, Timber adhesive,