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Dunlop Artificial Grass Adhesive
Chemical Technology Wholesale Custom Specialist Adhesives Manufacturer

Chemical Technology provide wholesale specialist adhesive solutions for industrial manufacturers, trade and retail distributors. Their skilled personnel have over 80 years of experience in the formulation, manufacture and application of adhesives, this gives them an advantage when analysing your particular adhesive problem and formulating an adhesive solution.

The adhesive products can be packaged bearing your company name and logo (if so desired) in barrels, buckets, cans, tubes and plastic bottles with any style of cap you desire.

We can formulate adhesives to meet your requirements whether they be heat, water, oil, fat, or grease resistant, permanent or non-permanent contact, long-lasting or temporary application, fast or slow curing, or, solvent or water based. They can be made to be sprayable, roller grade, brush grade, or scraper grade.

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The range of industries that we cater for, include Footwear, Automotive, Insulation, Millinery, Fashion, Packaging, Picture Framing, Construction and Refrigeration industries to mention just a few.

The adhesive applications are limitless

Polyurethane, PVC, TPR, flexible sponge rubber foam, polystyrene foam, galvanised iron, aluminium, wood, paper, cardboard, cork, felt, fabrics, leather, laminated plastics, formica, melamine, polyester, metals, neoprene rubber foams and more.